Merge Dragons Tips And Tricks

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  1. Debby Towers

    Have you used the midas trees to get coins? I have a few trees now and when you merge the small apples you get chests you can sell and you get level 4 Magic gold coins. This skips a few time consuming merges which enables you to get crowns 25k coins fairly quickly.

  2. Stacy

    Your videos helped me so much. I just found a cool tip, I didn’t see it here so I thought to share. If your dragons are not near your flowers you can double tap on them twice and it will have two dragons harvest at the same time. It’s really helped on this newest challenge.

  3. Hannah Knotts

    I just learned an awesome trick to guarantee you get the double rewards you want from events. You have to be in your world map for starters. You turn off your cloud save. Then you enter your camp and spin to get your rewards. If you don’t get what you want you accept the rewards and go back to your world map. Then you turn on your cloud save to return to the previous spot that you were at when you turned it off before entering your camp to spin for your rewards. Once you are restored to that previous spot you want to, again, turn off your cloud save and enter camp to spin for the double rewards. You can do this as many times as it takes until you get what you want!!

  4. Rikke

    Hi, the bushes wonder, Can I use that for anything after I have gotten all the eggs et?

    1. Toasty

      Yes after every 10 hours spent in camp you will able to tap it for Tanzanite Nests, a Tanzanite Egg or a locked dragon chest

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