Merge Dragons Secret Levels

Merge Dragons Secret Levels

The Merge Dragons Secret Levels are fun puzzle levels that can be tricky to solve! The Secret Levels are hidden throughout the Merge Dragons World Map, find hidden buttons for example like leaves or bushes to click and lead you to the secret level gameplay!!! 

Below is a list of all 26 levels as of now, watch videos below for strategies to help you crush it and get that level win!!!

The Secret of Four

Secret: The Crescent

The Secret Veldt Alley

The Secret Healer’s Den

Secret : Summit Basin

The Secret Isles

The Secret Garden

Secret: Totem Grid

Secret: The Healer

Secret: Great Fjord

Grimshire ???

Maywood ???

Craven Crypt ?

Craven Crypt ??

Sea Breeze ?

Glacier Falls ?

Glacier Falls ??

Glacier Falls ???

Glacier Falls ????

Nocturne Oasis ?

Nocture Oasis ??

Golden Meadow ?

Golden Meadow ??

Spell Shore ?

Spell Shore ??

Spell Shore ???

How Many Secret Levels are in Merge Dragons?

As of July 2021, there are 26 Secret Levels in Merge Dragons. All together in Merge Dragons there are currently 319 levels in total.

Secret levels can be a little bit tricky than other levels but that is what makes it fun!!!

Who knows when the next expansion will happen and the next secret levels will come to challenge us, good luck!!!

Happy Merging!!!

Merge dragons Golden Meadow ??
Merge Dragons Spell Shore ?
Merge Dragons Secret Levels Inside Look

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  1. Janine Boguslawski

    This page helps me sooo much. Thanks!

    1. Toasty

      So glad it helps!!!

  2. Susan

    Love your videos, sometimes I can’t get through levels without them. Thanks!!!

  3. Susan

    Love your videos, there are times when I can’t get through levels without them. Thanks!!!

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