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This blog will be dedicated to Bubbling!!! Its easy to run out of space back at your camp so bubbling large object can be very useful!!!

  This next video shows how to bubble dragon eggs! A great space saver for when you have dragon eggs you aren’t ready to merge and want to keep them safe!

  This next video shows how to bubble during events! Very useful if you have 6 twin life flowers, bubble one and merge the 5 others so your dragons focus on harvesting from the brilliant life flowers and don’t get distracted by the lower level life flower!

  More bubbling tips coming soon!!! Peace!

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  1. Thank you SO MUCH for these guides and videos! I am playing mt first event now and these have been SO helpful for my poor ADHD dragons! <3

  2. Thank you for these tips.
    Is there any way to bubble the biggest heart??

    1. That’s a great question! Not to my knowledge… You can bubble the Life orb of Souls and save them up to make the Life orb of Heavens.

  3. The developers of the game do not recommend to have a lot of bubbles in the camp. A bubbled item technically does not belong to camp and will not be counted. Therefore, they suggest to burst bubbles as soon as possible and use bubbling only for cleaning actions.

  4. If this way of bubbling small items doesn’t work on your device try doing the same except close the game (click the home button) and then make sure to actually close the game (swipe it away in the list of open apps). Don’t forget this because if you just go back into the game without closing the items will merge.

    This takes so much longer but it’s the only way so far that works for me so it’s definitely worth it!

    I really hope this works for everyone who isn’t able to bubble in the normal way! Remember to try it out with unimportant items first to see if it works.

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