Merge Dragons Event Guide

Merge Dragons Event Guide

Hey there! This is Toasted Gamer Boutique and in this article I show you how to beat Merge Dragons Events quickly! Feel free to ask questions that aren’t yet in this Merge Dragons Event Guide!

At the very beginning of any event, the first steps you want to take are…

  1. Get your 1st dragon
  2. Unlock Mystic Clouds to unlock helpful items (Visit my Cloud Keys Guide!)
  3. Make 5 merges to upgrade your Life Flowers & Life Orbs
  4. Let your Fruit Tree Seeds turn into a Fruit Tree Sapling (takes a few minutes…) and make 5 merges for a bunch of Young Fruit Trees; these will occasionally sprout Life Flower Sprouts which you can merge to upgrade your Life Flowers!
  5. Get your 2nd Dragon!
  6. Time to harvest!!!
  7. Once you have harvest Life Orbs of Heaven, you can activate them for huge healing power!


In events the most important is to get all the rewards to bring back to camp! The Rewards help increase your Dragon Power! Usually there is a Fruit Tree that gives Dragon Fruit which are awesome for coins! You can also get an Event Trophy which give you awesome rewards initially and can sometimes be kept to tap daily for cool items!

The past events require 29,950 points which is 2x level 9 point items or 1x level 9 item & 2x level 8. Don’t tap on your low level points, save them for 5 merges and only collect the highest level points or collect the points that you have before the end on the event, otherwise even the harvested points won’t count to your score so don’t forget to collect them at the right time!!!

For a specific Merge Dragons Event Guide refer to the link below for the current event for more specific information on the event! You will find Cloud Key Guides, Quests, and specific reward info!

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  1. These are great tips
    Thank you!

    1. My pleasure! 🙂

  2. So I’ve had the game a few days so the shrooms and fairy event was my first event. I still got all rewards within around first 24 hrs by nonstop grinding with two dragons and two fairy house things, however when surfing around on the wiki I saw a tip on wonder #10 that it was the first wonder to work towards in an event for more dragons and the second being Stonehenge. But that was all that I could find regarding the wonders during events and I was hoping you could elaborate? Is there an easier way then buying a prism flower and 8x hills from the shop and grinding up to the ruins of the sky palace and Stonehenge respectively?

  3. I had tried to do the cloud key. with the small life orb and the small capsule but neither one will open up the clouds. I need help on why it’s not letting me

    1. Did the Cloud Key Square turn green, red, or black? If it wasn’t green and you had the right keys, maybe those spots weren’t fully healed, make sure the piece of land is healed so you can unlock it. Hopefully this helps! (:

  4. The purple stars for finishing the quests, do I save those for merge or tap them right away?

    1. Tap them right away! You can’t bring those back to camp!

  5. You certainly can take the purple stars back to camp to merge. This will increase your gems much much faster.

    1. The Purple Stars yes Indeed! I meant the pink stars in events, the ones you get for completing quests, those you can’t bring back…

  6. Ohhhhh mann – I’ve cleared & collected everything and then noticed that I had forgot to tap ‘next quest’ on one of the side stars (to harvest from donburi shrines x75) but already harvested them to nothing. Worst part is that I’m 9/10 tasks completed to get the special rewards (speing, griffon nest & golden tree)!! Devooooo

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