Merge Dragons Event Trophies

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Watch this video to see Level 2 Trophy Rewards tapped!

Discover all the different Merge Dragons Event Trophies in the links below! During events one of the ten rewards you can earn is an Event Trophy item which you will have back at your camp. You can tap on these about once or so a day to get their special items!

I can’t wait to see what Trophy Reward we will get from the new Owlympus Event !!!

Merge Dragons Owlympus Event

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  1. I have around 30 of the trophy rewards from various events from close to almost two years of playing now. Needless to say they take up much needed real estate. I’ve debated selling them but I fear as soon as I do they’ll become “mergable”. What do you do with the rewards you’ve earned? I have already created “Remains of The Dragon God”, the wonder for dragon trees, and multiple level 13 & 14 life flowers so the use of the trees and orbs you gain from tapping event rewards isn’t really needed. Still nonetheless I would like your opinion.

    Thank you and have a wonderful day!

    1. Great question!!! Personally I don’t know if I would sell them, but maybe bubble them with the golden apples using the Marcus V. Bubbling Technique… That way they don’t take up space but you can still keep them stored away!
      Thanks and have an awesome day!!!

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