Dragon City Free Gems

Dragon City Free Gems Guide

Here’s a Guide with over 15 ways to get Free Gems in Dragon City!!! As a result, I hope you earn tons of gems!!!

  • Leveling Up
  • Completing Collections in Dragon Book
  • Jewelem’s Tower: x1 Gem every 24 hours
  • Daily Logins: Calendar rewards
  • Streak Rewards (Multiple day logins in a row)
  • League Battles (Refer to) (7 battles=x gems)
  • Occasional Alliance Chest (Mini Events)
  • Dragon TV Center section : Watch videos, Fill Bar (5ads=10gems, 7ads=15gems, 12ads=30gems)
  • Dragon TV Coin Collection Event Rewards (Monthly coin collections)
  • Arena Battles (Arena Promotions)
  • Goals
  • Season (With And Without purchasing Season Pass)
  • Dragon Rescue (opening chests)
  • Events (Runner, Maze, Tower, Fog, Puzzle and Grid island events
  • Random Events: Beast Challenge, September Collection & Halloween Event
  • Random Limited Time Facebook Offers

Dragon City Gems Free Fast

The best way to get free gems on a regular basis is to login everyday, watch the videos the the center of Dragon TV, build Jewelem’s Tower and collect a gem a day and most of all play as many events as you can!!! As a result, playing various you can open many chests and depending on you strategy you can find some free gems!

When it comes to the Heroic Race, lately the rewards to reaching lap 2 are 20 Free Gems! Therefore, this is an easy task for many free gems!!!

Try to play the mazes for various chests that can be found on different paths. As a result, opening certain chest can lead to many rewards including gems!

Dragon City Jewelem's Tower
Tip #1 (Leveling up to level 50 gives 16 gems!)
Tip #10 (Arena promotion rewards)
Dragon City Free Gems Guide Tip # 14 (Previous Puzzle Island Rewards)
Runner Island Flight Rewards
Tips #15 Random Events: Beast Challenge

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