Dragon City Food Guide

Dragon City Food Guide

In this Dragon City Food Guide there are over 20 different ways to get food for free in Dragon City!!!

  • Farms
  • Greenhouse
  • League Battles (x1 vs x10)
  • Arena Battles (Instant rewards from victory, Arena Promotions & Master Arena Rewards)
  • Dragon TV (Watch daily videos & Dragon TV Coins Collections
  • Dragon Rescue (Opening chests)
  • Alliance Event Chests (3 day challenge usually)
  • Season (Free rewards & Pass Rewards)
  • Events (Puzzle, Maze, Runner, Grid, Tower, Fog
  • Heroic Race (Various Lap Rewards; Lap 7 & 12)
  • Event Collection Rewards
  • Food Producing Dragons
  • Daily Rewards
  • Streak Rewards
  • Completing Dragons Collections
  • Towers (Dragons fail to get tower piece but return with Gold or Food)
  • Mastery Rewards occaisionally
  • Various Quest Battle Rewards
  • Random Events (Beast Challenge, Sept Collection, Halloween Event & ect.)

Dragon City Food Producing Dragons

Dragon City Food Producing Dragons can be an amazing way to get food on a regular basis.

Dragons like the Vampires, Titans, Divine & Corrupted & even more produce food.

The food can be collected every 6-8 hours at the habitat where the dragons is placed.

If you time it right you can collect the food 2-3 times a day!

The food does not accumulate unfortunately. As a result, try to log in at morning time, the afternoon and evening to get 3 different times to collect, it’s easier said than done!

Not all Food Producing dragons give the same amount, I’ve noticed my Vampire Dragons produce more food than my Titan Dragons. Therefore I recommend trying different things and find what speaks to you the most!

How To Get Free Gold And Food In Dragon City

  • Dragon Rescue (Various chests)
  • Season Rewards
  • Leveling Up Dragons & Food Producing Dragons (The higher the level, the more resources produced)
  • Tower (Not getting tower piece)
  • Goals
  • Random Events, open those chests too!

How To Get Food Fast In Dragon City

Sometimes we need food fast, these are some various ways of how to get food fast in Dragon City.


  • Greenhouse (Activated)
  • League Battles (Watch video for 10x food)
  • Dragon Rescue
  • Dragon TV Coin Collection (Bronze chests)
  • Dragon TV (Watch videos)
  • Food producing Dragons
  • Towers (Not receiving tower piece)
  • Various Events
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